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Modern day slavery is exploitation.
Together we can be the voice of Freedom.

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We are a group based in Oxfordshire who have come together with a common passion to see human trafficking and modern day slavery brought to an end.

We will use our voice to speak for those who cannot be heard and who are not seen.

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Although survivors of human trafficking and modern day slavery may be receiving support via statutory services, many continue to feel alone and disconnected from the world around them.


At ASIOX we come alongside survivors as a friend to help alleviate the feelings of loneliness and to help them better integrate into society. Through our Befriender programme we want to help them rediscover what is life-giving to them and help them cultivate their dreams and passions.



Millions of people across the world are paying the price for the cheap goods and services we as consumers have come to expect and demand. These victims of modern-day slavery are all around us, unrecognised and unnoticed.


ASIOX is on a mission to awaken and empower people to realise we have a lot of power as consumers, thus a responsibility to ensure that what we buy is not tainted with the exploitation of another human being. We work to equip our communities to be able to spot the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery and to know what to do about it.


Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

We are delighted to now have a bank account! By donating regularly or giving a one-off gift, you'll be helping us to fulfil our mission to raise awareness, equip individuals in identifying exploitation and assisting in the restoration process of survivors. Find our donation page here.

Christmas Vibes

Asiox invites you to join our Christmas Gift Campaign for children who have been affected by modern slavery. Get involved by purchasing gifts from our wishlist here and send an email to ASIOX by Monday 5th December in order to arrange a collection. ASIOX will deliver purchased gifts in time for Christmas! More details here.

Protest Signs

Modern slavery and forced labour can be behind products we take for granted, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, to the gadgets we use. The Government can do more to ensure that goods tainted by modern slavery are not sold in the UK. Join us in signing the petition here and call on Government to change the law.

Take Action!
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The meeting run by ASIOX was an “eye-opener”. The film that was shown was a difficult but necessary watch. It alerted me to the fact that sex-trafficking is not an “international” problem that happens only in foreign places but is a shocking reality in our own country. An additional shock came from being made aware that slavery of other kinds exists in our local neighbourhoods. It was very unsettling to realise that other human beings are being so exploited and that their plight is unseen even when visible in a supermarket carpark! ASIOX is doing a wonderful service by raising the alarm on behalf of the victims and challenging the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome.  

—  Prof Paul Ewart

Join us on this journey of hope and restoration.

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