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Fundraise for us

Why not raise funds for ASIOX's Befriender Programme?  Through this programme we match our trained volunteers with survivors of exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking in order to create rewarding friendships and to assist in the process of rebuilding lives which have been broken through the injustice of exploitation.  
We have created 3 ideas to help you get started, but you are welcome to create your own ideas!  


This challenge is suitable both for individuals or to be undertaken as a group – why not rally your friends and family to take part with you? You can invite people to sponsor you and support ASIOX by providing our link to the giving page Options for all the fun challenges can be found here.


Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the Conqueror events web page.  

Cycling in Nature


Create your own sponsored event, whether it be a walk, a cycle, or maybe doing handstands or a bake sale! 


For more info email us at

Here is the link to our fundraising page.

Virtual Conference


Raise awareness: Invite your colleagues/friends/group to a bite-sized introductory talk on modern slavery, via Zoom.


We will provide you with all the materials you will need to give a short presentation.  This will include written text, power point slides with the latest facts and figures for Oxfordshire, and a link to a short film. More details below.


You will not need to do your own research or preparation, other than familiarise yourself with the information we provide, which we will ensure you have available a minimum of 10 days before.  The aim will be to raise awareness and start a conversation.  Talks will be 15-20 minutes long, including the video.  We hope that the talk you give will wet the appetite for more information.  


Here is the link to our fundraising page if you wish to circulate it.

Email us if you would like to give the talk or for further information.

Note: A fee of 3.5% is taken by (our fundraising platform) to cover their costs, they are a not-for-profit organisation.

Short talk
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