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At the Grocery Shop

Consumer Habits

This page has been created to help us think about

how our consumerism affects the issue of exploitation

and to provide ideas to help us make more ethical and informed choices.

As consumers, we have far more power than we realise.

As customers, we are interested in the story behind the products we buy but currently we don’t have much access to information on which to base our decisions.  Knowledge is power and when we are informed we can make good choices. Consumers are powerful and we need to use our power well.  We want assurance that the things we are buying have not caused harm to the societies from which they originated.

It seems that an awareness of fair trading has come in the last 30 years; now it's time to take this on to the next level.

Consumer Habits

Increase your knowledge about preventing exploitation in the fashion and clothing industry.


Learn more about taking control of your consumer habits when using everyday services.


Find out how to use your consumer power to ensure that exploitation ends in the Food and Beverage industry.

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