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Vision, Mission and Values


A world free of people being exploited as commodities for personal or commercial gain.


To raise awareness and equip individuals in identifying exploitation and to foster the restoration process of survivors.


Respect. We commit to accepting all people for who they are and to treating them with dignity and respect, creating a welcoming environment where they can feel valued and thrive.


Excellence. We strive to do everything to the best of our understanding, skills and abilities, working professionally and with integrity, both within the team and with those we collaborate with and support externally.  


Collaboration. We believe in the power of relationships and that our potential is maximised when we work well together. We foster a spirit of collaboration, inclusivity, recognition and affirmation.

Authenticity. We strive to create an environment where team members and clients feel comfortable showing their true selves. We share the understanding that it is ok not to be ok at times.

Humility. We recognise that we each have limited capacity and skills and that we need each other; we commit to fostering a learning culture where admitting we are wrong will be welcomed with compassion.


Hope. We choose to hold great hope for a brighter future for survivors and we will play our part in helping them work towards that future.

If you would like to be a part of the fight against modern day slavery there are several ways to get involved.


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