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About Us

We are a group of passionate abolitionists who want to take an active stand against the brutal injustices of human trafficking and modern day slavery which are happening all around us. We believe that together we can make a difference in our corner of the world.

In 2017 a handful of us began meeting regularly in our homes, to educate ourselves on this issue both globally and locally and Amabel and Sue came together in early 2018 to form a group. We quickly realised we needed to use our voices to speak up on behalf of those whose voice could not be heard and began running awareness raising events in our local community. We carried out research and put together resources to empower change. We connected with frontline organisations working directly with victims and survivors and supported them by gathering useful donations, fundraising, speaking at events and generally using our personal networks and social media platforms for good. 


Some team members have been engaged in this fight for years, others just started dipping their toes in as they felt their hearts stirred. Some have befriended survivors and others hosted them in their own home.


Today we are a part of the Oxfordshire Anti-Slavery Network, led by the Anti Slavery Coordinator for Oxfordshire and the Modern Slavery Lead at Thames Valley Police, working together to end modern slavery in the county.


In 2023 we launched the Survivor Support Hub which directly supports individuals who have been exploited or are deemed at risk of exploitation.  Our aim is to support and equip them to come out of exploitative work situations, to find new employment and rebuild their lives.   


OCVA MEMBER LOGO 2022-23.png
Oxfordshire Anti-Slavery Network
A grouping of Oxfordshire agencies working to end modern slavery in the county

The Trustees of ASIOX are delighted to announce that

we are now a registered charity! 


We are especially grateful to the survivors who have allowed us the privilege of being in their lives and of hearing their stories. Your stories have changed us and our understanding and are helping us shape what we do. Thank you.

We are so grateful for all of our amazing volunteers who have contributed so much time, skill, energy, wisdom and support along the way; we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for you!


We also value the many partnerships we have made and look forward to growing and developing them in the years to come.


Thank you to those especially who have believed in us and cheered us on. Kevin Hyland OBE, Hope at Home, Unseen & the Modern Slavery Helpline, Justice in Motion Flo's - The Place in the Park to name a few!


Sue Brockes-Smith

Co-founder & Operational Lead

Sue Profile_edited.jpg

Sue is the Co-founder and one of the Trustees, leading the day-to-day operations of ASIOX.  Sue first became involved with the abolitionist movement in 2008, when she was made aware of children being abducted and forced to become soldiers in the LRA in northern Uganda.  She joined with others in raising awareness about this humanitarian crisis and was struck by the generosity of men and women who responded with kindness when they heard the story.  From that point, Sue has passionately told the many stories of those she has encountered and heard about and continues to raise awareness about the horror of human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation.  Over the last few years she has directly supported survivors in a more personal way. Wanting to give more of her time and energy to this cause as an abolitionist, in 2018 she took the next step of leaving her job as a conference organiser in the University of Oxford and she hasn't looked back!


In her spare time Sue loves to undertake creative projects in her home  and to spend time outdoors, cycling and walking, or at her allotment.  She loves investing time with her 5 grandchildren and family.

David Calfo 


Pic David.jpeg

David Calfo has over 25 years experience in Financial Services in the US and Europe.  In capacities as both a Senior Executive and as an Advisor he has established, managed and consulted to pensions and investment businesses for some of the largest Financial Services firms. Currently, he is a private equity investor and non-executive director to several start-ups and early-stage companies using his skills as a strategic leader taking initiative on business ideas and suggestions from his extensive background within the financial services industry. 

David has also worked with a number of charities over the years and more recently has become increasingly aware of the issues and challenges of modern-day slavery.  Initially through Unseen, then leading the effort to recruit and appoint a UK Executive Director for Hagar and more recently participating in the Befriender pilot program with ASIOX, these have all served to both inform and heighten the acute need that exists.  The experience of befriending a survivor of modern-day slavery was particularly insightful as it provided a glimpse into the lives of those personally impacted by these atrocities.


In his spare time, David enjoys going on walks with his dog, reading, having deep conversations with friends and attending football matches with one of his sons.  

Caroline Chelliah


Caroline_Bio photo.jpg

Caroline has served ASIOX as a Trustee and Chair to the Board since before we became a charity. She is Mummy to two children and currently on maternity leave but ordinarily works as a property solicitor in Oxford. Caroline’s journey with anti-trafficking started in India in 2009 when she volunteered with a charity there. Her eyes were opened to the horrendous reality that is modern day slavery and she was moved to find out more upon her return to the UK. Since 2009 Caroline has volunteered with various charities in London and Oxford, taken part in awareness raising campaigns, fundraised, spoken with the media, chaired Q&A sessions and events and generally connected with what is going on in the community around this issue. 


In her free time Caroline loves to go travelling with her family, gathering around the dinner table with friends and being in the outdoors.

Adrian Edwards


Adrian Edwards.png

Adrian joined the Trustee board of ASIOX in spring 2024 and is excited to contribute, in his first position as a Trustee, to the great work that ASIOX is doing to combat modern day slavery.  His background is in Construction where he works on the commercial side of large construction projects in and around London.  He works for a large organisation which actively tries to ensure that all workers on their projects are not the subject of modern day slavery.  Adrian lives in Oxford with his wife Ruth and has two young children who take up most of his spare time.  He is keen to try to transfer his skills in business to assist in the work of the charity and continue the recent growth and development of the organisation.


In his spare time Adrian enjoys keeping fit with a mixture of running, cycling and swimming.

Ruth Tilt


Pic Ruth.jpeg

Ruth is grateful to be joining the Trustee board of ASIOX.  Her journey of becoming aware of modern day slavery started with studying a degree in police studies, being involved in student and youth engagement on raising awareness of modern day slavery, as well as during some international trips.  Ruth recently worked for several years within the international development sector. Having spent 13 years working in the social enterprise and charity sectors, she is keen to learn more in order to support the organisation with her experience.

Ruth is passionate about music, enthusiastic about travelling and her favourite author is John Grisham.


Amabel Larosa Luers


Amabel_Bio photo.jpg

Amabel is Co-founder of ASIOX. After several wonderful years spent setting up and building ASIOX, she has recently stepped down from the Board of Trustees to move to the United States with her young family.  Amabel is passionate about engaging those around her with this important issue, seeking justice and seeing dignity and hope restored in the lives of survivors and she will no doubt continue to engage in this important work across the pond, as well as cheering ASIOX on every step of the way.

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