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Christmas Pine Tree

Christmas Donations

Christmas Handmade Decorations

Seasonal Gifts

Join our Christmas Gift Campaign and Winter Food Hamper Drive. Help us support both children and adults who have been affected by modern day  slavery this Christmas. 

Christmas Gift Campaign

We have created a gift wish list where you can purchase an item for a child.  Each gift has been carefully selected for a specific child and will be age appropriate. Access the list using this link and follow the instructions below:


  1. Choose an item you wish to purchase

  2. Select 'Reserve' on the green bar at the top of the page

  3. Click 'Reserve item' next to your gift and fill in the details

  4. Purchase the item either online through the link provided or at a local shop

  5. Email us to let us know what you have bought and to organise delivery (we need to receive gifts by 5 December)


Additional ideas:

  • You might like to wrap your gift - if so, please label it so we know what it is

  • You could write a card to go with it

  • If you would prefer to make a donation or buy a gift voucher do let us know

Winter Hamper flier final version.jpg

Winter Food Hamper

Winter Food Hampers (you might like to do this as a group with family/friends/colleagues)

  • Create a hamper using a cardboard box (minimum size 50 x 40 x 30cm but not too large as we have to transport them!)

  • Fill it with non-perishable food, mainly basic everyday items plus 2-3 luxury items

  • Additional ideas: add a supermarket gift voucher, write a card, add a non-food gift ie bodywash/soap/hand cream etc. 

  • Note: No meat or alcohol and please be culturally sensitive  

  • Let us know what's coming asap! Email us to keep us in the loop and organise delivery (we need to have them by 5 December)

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