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Justice in Motion: On Edge – Dancing towards Freedom

Saturday July 17, 2021

The morning starts with the sun shining gloriously, with an anticipation of what the day would bring. I make my way to Broad Street and I am greeted with such a beautiful and bustling scene.

People stop by and sit on the new yet recycled benches while enjoying each other’s company. Broad Street is transformed into Broad Meadow and is filled with relaxing and beautiful flowers and functional benches and chairs.

After a year of lockdown, Oxford City is bustling with activities and events on every corners. And here in Broad Meadow, I find myself marvelling at the somewhat familiar group of Justice in Motion (JiM) performing artists lead by their passionate and talented artistic director – Anja Meinhardt.

The name of their parkour performance show is ON EDGE. Imagine the energy and excitement of athletic choreography on a parkour ‘construction site’. ON EDGE tells a moving, stimulating story. Slavery exists today: under our noses; within our communities; outside our knowledge.

“On Edge is a physically demanding and exhilarating performance with a lyrical beauty combined with some heart-stopping parkour moves.” - Gourmet gigs

While the performance is unfolding, I see passers-by stop and watch then curiously ask questions after each performance. Many simply admire the show while others become interested and want to learn more about modern day slavery. A few individuals are moved to action as they express their desire to volunteer and make an impact to fight this crime.

Overall, the event and the day were fruitful and I found myself encouraged. I am so glad I got to take part in this momentous occasion. I hope that we will be able to continue riding on the momentum for people to be made aware that slavery still exists and take action in order to abolish and eradicate it in our lifetime. Let’s keep on dancing towards freedom for the oppressed and those who experience injustice and become abolitionists.

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